Create your own workout Journey

I have done the research so you don’t have to. This workout routine for beginners is meant to be a stepping stone. Follow me to create a routine that will lead you into a healthy workout habit. There are a million websites out there and even more videos that claim to show you the secret to being fit. Let me take you to take a different approach and personalize the workout yourself. I believe that if it is something you create and love doing it will have a much bigger impact and you will stick with it a lot longer. Let me share my story so you know that you are not alone and to not get discouraged. I want you to create your own workout journey.

Creating your own workout journey

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Items for creating your own workout journey

I found that not much is needed to start a workout routine. You should make this change in your life easy and seamless. Below I created a list of equipment I used for the first two years of my workout journey. This equipment is all I needed to get into the best shape of my life. Click the links below to check out the top rated and proven workout equipment you’ll need for this journey.

Getting into the workout routine for beginners

The key is to start out slow. Let’s go into the workout routine with the mindset of this being a journey. Take your time with this. The less sore the next day you are the better. I found that when I took things slow and took my time I avoided injury. I was able to workout a lot more frequently. It is recommended starting with just 15 minutes a day. You might not be able to do much for the first month but if you remain slow and steady I guarantee you will notice results very quickly. I couldn’t even do 10 pushups for the first month but that was okay, I was doing it. I was putting in the work and it started paying off. This being said, create your own workout journey.

0-3 months of the workout journey

When started, my wife had already been working out and was much further along in the workout journey. Like I said i couldn’t even do 10 push-ups. I also couldn’t do 10 squats without my legs shaking and couldn’t even do a 30 second plank. The first day I overdid it and was way to sore the next day. After that I decided to take it slow and concentrate on the mission at hand. I found out real fast that this was going to take some time. I had to put my ego aside and get to work.


The next week I decided to push the reset button and think about this in the long term. I spent the next 3 months building my ground work. by that I mean focusing on small incremental gains.

I did small sets at the beginning. startin with 3 sets of 10 reps of pushups from my knees and maybe 3 sets, 10 reps of squats. Tried to do a 30 second plank but would have to reset a few times. It took my about 15 minutes to complete this due to having to take breaks but it felt good and I was not as sore they next day so I was able to keep this work out going day after day. I almost immediately started seeing results. Within the first month I was finishing the workout in 10 minutes and starting to do some of the pushups without being on my knees. I was slowly starting to keep up with my wife.

I did this same workout for the first three months but every month I would add another set. By month 3 I was doing 4 sets of 10 standard pushups, 4 sets of squats and a 1 minute plank. I knew that I had started to create a great base to begin adding in more exercises and continue my journey. This made me feel much more confident in my ability and I had a vision in my head of where I wanted to be. I was feeling confidant. When you want to create your own workout journey things might need to be adjusted to suit where your strength level is.

3-6 months of the workout journey

After the 3 month mark I spent some time to look back at where I started and where I was now. I was still injury free since I decided to take it slow and that payed off huge. I was able to get in a lot more exercising over the course of 3 months which led me to get into much better shape. At this point I was not trying to do anything extra meaning no special diet or workout supplements. I was simply building that base and repletion to create a true workout journey. Something I could easily do every day and mitigate excuses and extra steps.

your own workout journey

Too much too fast

I tried adding a diet into my workout routine in the very beginning and found out very quickly that it was too much to juggle when I was still trying to build my base a create a healthy habit. My other blog explains this perfectly. Click here to check it out. The best decision I made was cutting out the crazy diet and strictly focus on my exercise routine. It was just too much too fast for my workout journey and I knew it wouldn’t last. I ended up not picking up a healthy diet until a year into my journey. This information is key when you want to create your own workout journey.

6-12 months of the workout journey

At the 6 month mark something incredible happened. I had built that base that I worked so hard for and was feeling great. I had a steady routine. While i still had days that I didn’t feel like working out I still got out there and felt great afterwards. The next thing I did was add a few new workouts and also a few supplements into my training. I found out rather quickly that changing up my workout routine I kept it interesting and helped me look forward to working out.


I only added a few supplements to my journey. Below you will find a link to what I ended out using along with my exercise to enhance the outcome.

This creatine is one of the best I have found while doing my research. It is the most pure and has no taste so it can be mixed with anything.

The Whey protein powder I put down is what I have been using almost the whole time. I have tried others but most of the rest gave me a weird feeling in my stomach do to all the additives.

This is also another pure product with no taste. These are the only three supplements I use. All i do is mix them all up together in a shaker and it’s super easy and not very expensive. Try not to waste too much time and money on supplements.

Continuing my workout journey

After that base was built and I had a good routine established I knew I wanted stay with the at home workouts. I added a pull-up bar into the mix and that was huge. I also added some cheap dumbbells into the routine as well. From just a few simple items I found that I could add so much to my routine and constantly keep it fresh. I know a lot of people prefer the gym but make sure whatever you do keep it easy enough to where you mitigate excuses that will arise. Keep your exercises fresh and set goals for yourself.

After the 1 year mark I found that my workout habit had turned into a lifestyle and I have never turned back. I am currently working through my second year now and I want to take you all along on the journey with me. I will continue to add content here on my blog so please check back. Let’s go through this together and create your own workout journey.

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