Easy pool pump repair

For the everyday homeowner it might sound like a nightmare when your pool pump deicides to stop working. I have been working on pool pumps and other equipment for many years and I can tell you from experience that it is not very hard to troubleshoot or repair. I’m going to share with you just how easy pool pump repair is.

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pool pump repair schematic

What I will be discussing for this easy pool pump repair

How to know if you need to repair your pool pump

I start by confirming my pool pump is turned on from the timer. If it is on and you do not hear your pump turn on then that is the first sign of needing repairs or a replacement. Next if you turn it on and hear a loud squealing noise or grinding noise that is another sign that it will need to be repaired. Once you are near the pump and you smell burning or melting plastics that is a definite sign that internals are bad and will need to be replaced. Lastly look for any signs of water leaks on or around your pool pump. Don’t worry these all seem very bad but they are very typical and are very easy to repair.

Isolate the pump to start troubleshooting and repairs

Step one

The first thing I look at when troubleshooting and seeing if I need to repair a pump, is my pump turning on. Locate your pool timer and open it up. Under the timer clock should be a on off switch. Turn it on and listen to see if the pump comes on. If it does great!! and if not that is okay we will discuss how to troubleshoot this as well.

Step two

Time to move on to the next step. The second thing I look at is overall pressure. Do I have sufficient pressure coming through my filter. On top of the pool filter should be a pressure gauge typically measured in PSI. First I make sure my filter is clean and if so I look to see if I’m getting any pressure coming through the filter at all. If I am not getting any pressure it could be a couple of issues.

Starting the easy troubleshooting and repair process

Step one: Check strainer baskets

The very first spot to check is if the strainer basket is full. If it is full than all you have to do is make sure to turn off your pump then open the strainer basket lid and empty it. Put the strainer basket back in, prime the pump by filling it with water and then put the lid back. Turn the pump back on and see if that solved your problem. If so terrific. If not we will move on. I also added a short video of how to empty your strainer basket on your pool pump.

Step two: Check for leaks

So now that we have checked and cleaned out basket but we are still not getting any pressure the next thing to check will be if we have any leaks. A good indication of leaks in the pool pump would be not being able to get it primed. This means you are getting air into the pump some how. The other would be the very obvious signs of water leaking out of the pump. Lastly I would check the impeller to confirm it is intact.

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Leaks on the pool pump lid

First thing I check is the basket lid. Make sure the basket is installed correctly and the O-ring is seated and not damaged. Also make sure the lid is tightened enough to create the seal needed. An easy way to know that it is the lid is there will be the noticeable sound of air suction coming from that area.

Leaks on the pool pump body

Next I’ll check to see if their might be visible leaks coming from the body of the pump. If so it will most likely be the seal between the motor and the body. This can either be the motor body seal or shaft seal. You can first try to lightly tighten the hardware to see if that creates a better seal and if not than it is most likely a damaged seal which is replaceable. I’ve included a video on how to troubleshoot leaks and some easy pool pump repairs to help you out. This task may seem daunting but it is a very DIY friendly project that will save you tons of money if you do it yourself.

Pool pump impeller damaged

When I open up a pump to check for damages or leaks one of the first thing I check is the impeller. When having pressure issues a lot of the time the impeller is to blame. The impeller can become damages from debris getting through the strainer basket or just age. Please be sure to check the impeller when the pump is opened up for troubleshooting.

Pool pump body cracked and when to replace you pool pump

The last repair I will talk about will be cracks in the actual body of the pool pump. Most of the repairs I have gone through so far are easy to do and fairly easy to find parts for including this one. I decided to end with this repair because this is about as far as you want to go repair wise. After this repair the cost of parts alone will start to outweigh the cost of a new pump. If your pool pump is less than 5 years old you can find most of these parts fairly easy and cheap including the pump body.

Pool pump motor failure

I have had pump motors fail from either moisture or just age. Like I said before if it is under 5 years old I might think about purchasing a new motor installing it onto the original body but I highly recommend weighing the cost of a motor over purchasing a whole new unit that will last you a lot longer.

Testing a Motor after pool pump repairs or replacement

After all repairs have been made and or you decided to replace your pump. Make sure you have properly reconnected all power and plumbing to the pump. Turn on power at the timer and confirm the pump is primed and there are no loud noises. Also confirm there are no leaks and you have proper pressure at the filter. If all these check out okay than congrats you are done. be happy with yourself for saving money and proud that you repaired this yourself. Remember “Life’s good, make it great”

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Also this is a great motor if you are looking for a replacement. This motor will save you money on electricity, last you along time and easy to find parts for. I always say “buy once, cry once”. Pentair is one of the best brands and this pump is one of my favorite to use because it last so long. I highly recommend giving it a look.