Repairing a squeaky floor

Just about everyone out there has at least one spot in their house that has always squeaked or creaked. I know how annoying it is to try to step around when walking around at night so as to not wake anyone up. Well I am here to tell you that the repair for this is actually a lot simpler than you might think. You will be so happy that you took the time out of your day to do it. We will go through step by step on repairing a squeaky floor in your home.

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Repairing a squeaky floor

Most squeaky floor issues come from the loose subflooring rubbing against joists. Most of the time it is nails that are riding your subflooring and squeaking in and out of your joists. Click here to see why that awful squeak in your flooring is happening. 90% of floor squeaks come from the subfloor either under hardwood flooring or carpeting. Both of these are easy to repair and I will show you how to repair both.

Squeak repair kit needed to complete these projects.

Repairing a squeaky floor under carpeting

For hardwood floors

How to repair a squeaky floor under carpeting.

One of the easiest and most common squeaks come from the subflooring under our carpets. This was the case in my house and it had been there for years until I realized just how easy it was to repair.

The first thing you will do is locate the squeak in the floor which if you are like me should not be very hard because it has been driving you crazy for a long time now.

Lets repair that squeak

Step one

Next what I did was locate where the joists are under your subfloor. To do this I just knocked lightly on the floor with a hammer until I heard a sound that is not hollow. Once this is done I used the joist locating screw that comes with the kit that I attached above. I know when I have found a joist once the locating screw is not slipping through the subfloor and is in the solid joist then I like to put a screw half way in as a marker. Now to find the next joist just measure 16 inches over form there and test again. Do the same thing on the other side of the squeak and run a line from one screw to the other creating a straight line over the joist in your floor.

locating joists on your squeaky floor
marking screw
where your next joist should be located by measuring over sixteen and one half inch.
joist measurement

Step two

After everything has been marked out we are ready for the next step. using the supplied jig l like to stand as close as possible over the jig to apply pressure and bring the subfloor as close as possible to the joist. Put screws down along the joist every 4-8 inches. The closer to 4 inches the better and more secure the connection will be between subfloor and joists.

This is how your floor should look after getting all the screws down on the squeaky area of your floor.
Screw placement

Step three

After all the screws have been placed and the squeak is no longer there I can know move on to the next step which is removing the tops of the screws. I do this with the same jig that came with the kit. There will be a small cutout on one arm of the jig and all you do is insert the head of the screw into the jig and move it to one side breaking the screw off right below the surface of the subfloor and you will not even know it is there.

I have done this in a few spots in my house and have not had an issue with squeaking floors since. I highly recommend you give this a try if you have been living with squeaky floors like I have. It is an easy do it yourself repair and will be so happy that you did it.

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