DIY appliance repairs

How to get off to a great start on your appliance repairs

We are all feeling the weight of sky high inflation and how hard it has become to afford gas and groceries. How can we save money on some of the most expensive repairs in our household is diy appliance repair. Also I hope nobody has to deal with broken appliances but I can tell you from experience that they go out. I know the repairs can be extremely expensive so let me help with that. First of all we plan for they worst and expect the best. I will give you a complete list of items that can help you in these DIY appliance repairs. Lastly, this will save you so much money and also give you great satisfaction knowing you can do the repairs yourself.

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DIY appliance repair books

I found this to be the #1 rated book for appliance repair on Amazon. This book is full of wealth and knowledge. I highly recommend this book for troubleshooting and repairing your own appliances.

book on troubleshooting and repairing major appliances and DIY appliance repair

Readers Digest for DIY appliance repair

Readers Digest always has books with great details on anything they write about and this is no different. I would add this to the arsenal to get those appliance repairs done yourself.

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Tools for DIY appliance repair

When I buy a tool set for repairing my own appliances I purchase decent tools. I am a huge believer in “buy once cry once”. Remember you are going to be saving thousands of dollars by repairing your own appliances and it really is not that hard to do. I have created a list of top tools for home repair and I know from experience that they carried by all field repairman.

great tool set for DIY appliance repairs


I use a flashlight almost every time I do an appliance repair. In my opinion it is one of the most important tools. I personally use this flashlight everyday. It is rated #1 online for home repairs and is worth its weight in gold when I try to get a look at those dark areas that I find hard to get to.

great magnetic pickup tool for DIY appliance repair

Tool set

I have found this tool set to be great for most appliance repairs. I also discovered that its the top rated set on Amazon. It has over 16,000 reviews with 4.5 stars. Secondly it is the perfect size to keep in a drawer and ready to go at anytime. Last I found it contains everything I need to get appliance repairs done by myself.

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This tool is an important one to not cheap out on. I have owned most brands of multimeters and this one is by far the best quality and easiest to use. It is used by most all field repair technicians.

best multimeter for DIY appliance repair from FLuke

soldering kit

This last tool is an important one but might take a little practice to do those more technical repairs. This is a highly recommended tool to have for home repair. It is also another tool that I would spend a little more money on. The quality of this tool makes a huge difference in the outcome of what you will be repairing. This product has over 10,000 reviews and 4.5 stars.

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Here is a link to look up and purchase parts you may need for all the appliance repairs you are doing yourself. Also please click here to view my other blog on home repair tools.

appliance repair components