Great dads with new dad bods

We all want to be there for out kids and give them a happy childhood. If we are not healthy and happy it will make the first statement very hard to do. Being a great dad and getting healthy might seem like two different things but they are very much intertwined. Lets create a community of great dads with new dad bods.

I noticed right away that when I made the decision to get healthy for me and my family it was a domino effect. I stopped drinking which led to more time and energy. This led me to start and keep a workout routine which led to me being much more in the moment with my wife and kids. I was all around a much better dad and had that new dad bod.

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Turning a workout habit into a lifestyle

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great dads with new dad bods

What is holding us back from being a great dads with new dad bods?

When I ask, most people say that they are far too busy to try and better themselves mentally and physically. The #1 thing I found that is actually holding people back is looking at too broad of a picture. I say take a step back and look at just one goal you can make today. Not a big goal but an achievable goal. Once you set and achieve that first goal it will snowball into much more and you will stack those wins every day.

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Mental well-being

I contribute my success to a strong foundation of mental well-being. When I began this journey into trying to become the best dad I could be I knew I had to change my mental outlook. To do this I did a lot of research so I’d have the best outcome possible.

I was mentally weak and in turn not very happy or healthy. I turned to reading and gathering the best knowledge I could in order to be successful. These books are what I contribute to saving me and helped to turn me into a great dad. Click here to check out my blog on the 2022 top books for repairing ourselves.

Top 9 Books for Repairing Ourselves in 2022
great dads with new dad bods

Alcohol is out of fashion for our new dad bods

Alcohol is the #1 roadblock to attaining great mental health and creating that new dad bod. More and more people are becoming aware of the true destruction alcohol can have on one’s life.

I took alcohol out of my life a few years ago and I can honestly say that it was the best decision of my life. As I got older I slowly started to realize that it had zero benefits and so so many drawbacks. I know this is a lot to ask of you but it is the single best thing you can do to be a happier more attentive dad, live in the moment and love life. It will give you so much more energy during the day and be an enormous stepping stone to creating that new dad bod.

We already know that alcohol ruins lives, families and relationships but it is so intertwined with our culture that it is hard to see through the fog. Tomorrow try to count how many times alcohol is being used in commercials and all other subliminal advertising. It is in our subconscious. If you choose to quit I promise you will be rewarded.

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Alcohol and fitness

Drinking alcohol while trying to create that dad bod will be nearly impossible. Alcohol will leave us feeling exhausted and fatigued so it will keep us from getting the proper workout we need. Also alcohol decreases muscle repair. It has been medically proven that alcohol consumption will destroy any gains you are trying to achieve at the gym. It will decrease testosterone which helps your muscles grow and increase cortisol levels (hormone that causes stress). This will make you feel like all the hard work you are putting in is not working.

The reason I am talking about alcohol consumption so much is because I strongly believe it is the driving force in what is taking away from us being great dads and getting that great dad bod.

If you decide to follow me on this journey I recommend giving this a read. It is a great read and very eye opening.

Establishing a pattern

Establishing a pattern is easier than you think and all of this that I have been discussing takes up a lot less of your day than what you might have in mind. Once you made the decision to quit drinking and take the plunge to becoming a great dads and getting our new dad bods you will not be dissapointed.

I found out very quickly that I get much better sleep and wake up well rested and with more energy. I used that time to my advantage. I’d wake up early and get in some reading, maybe 30 minutes or an hour depending on when the kids got up. Then at night after the kids went to bed I’d spend 30 minutes to an hour getting in some exercise. That is all it took. This pattern is very easy to maintain since it did not cut into work or family time. I’d start the day with a win by building myself mentally and end the day with another win by building myself physically.

Maybe you only have 20 minutes in the morning and 20 at night and that is okay. You are focussing on yourself. Small accomplishments every day add up very quickly and I guarantee you will see results.

great dad with a dad bod

Living as a great dad with that new dad bod

Take advantage of all that you have accomplished. Live every day in the moment. I have noticed that I am a much, much happier dad and I can tell that my kids notice this. It will also help them as they grow up and see that their dad is happy and healthy and they will be better people as they grow up. If we practice what we preach to our kids it will have a much bigger impact on their lives. Lets get after it and create a community of great dads with new dad bods.