Dryer repairs

One of the first home repairs I decided to do was repairing my dryer that decided to not turn on one afternoon. It was as if the dryer was not getting power. after troubleshooting a bit and watching a few how-to videos I was able to pinpoint the problem and also get it repaired fairly easy. It was a real test on my confidence but let me tell you that this was a gateway repair because I have repaired just about all our appliances in our house through the years and have saved an astronomical amount of money in the process.

Dryers wither they are gas or electric have the same basic principles behind them. The source of heat my be different but they are use electric motors to move the drum and for any timers or sensors associated with them. The number one cause for dryers to fail are almost always due to blockage from built up lint either from inside the exhaust line or the underside of the dryer. Both of these can be very dangerous and can and will cause a fire. Even if you are not disassembling your dryer to complete a repair I strongly suggest getting familiar with opening the backside of your dryer up to remove lint that has built up over time on the underside of your dryer and in the exhaust line running out. When I opened up the backside of my dryer to troubleshoot I was in shock as to how much lint can accumulate on the inside and it really opened my eyes to the potential fire danger.

Most new dryers have protection from potential dangers like overheating and one of those is a thermal fuse. A thermal fuse is in place incase your dryer is not getting the ventilation it needs and starts to overheat. When this fuse blows it will cut power to the entire dryer unit to mitigate the potential fire danger or damage to internal components of the dryer itself. Troubleshooting dryers are fairly easy and this component is one that I would recommend starting with. I will have a couple great videos in my video section on how the troubleshooting is done. There is also a link to parts to purchase for a very reasonable price down below. You will also need a volt meter for this job so please head over to my tools catagory and it will have the best multimeter for this job and any other that you will undertake around your house. This will save you a huge amount of money and will not take you very long to complete. But please, please be sure to clean all the lint out of the exhaust lines and underside of the dryer. You will be happy you did.