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“Why try these gardening tips and tricks?”

Summer is upon us and I have gathered the latest gardening tips and tricks to get that green thumb the brightest it has ever been. Firstly, preparation of your garden is the key to success in gardening. If you are able to get your garden area prepped 100% before planting you will be well rewarded. secondly, I always start my garden by adding new compost or organic fertilizer. Thirdly, and most importantly, The best thing that I have ever done with my garden is adding drip irrigation and a timer.

I don’t have to worry about if my garden is getting enough water because I invested in that timer. For instance, I can go on vacation without worrying about my lovely garden wilting up and dyeing because I properly prepared. Above all, with the cost of all produce going through the roof I really do hope I can get as many people as possible to create a garden of their own. Lets read more into these gardening tips and tricks.

Here is a list of the great gardening tips, tricks and supplies we will be discussing

  • Getting the garden started
  • Vegetable garden bible
  • Vegetable garden journal
  • Raised beds
  • Fertilizers and Compost
  • Irrigation
  • Irrigation timers
  • Planting your garden tips & tricks
  • Farmers Almanac
  • Tools for gardening
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Getting your garden started tips

Below I have created a list of great products to get you off to a great start to your summer gardening. Follow me and lets get started with some wonderful resources.

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The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible

gardening journal a great book to read to enhance your gardening tips and tricks

Vegetable Gardening Journal

vegetable gardening journal for all your gardening tips and tricks

Raised beds

In this paragraph I’m going to explain why raised bed gardening is a great route to go. Firstly, I garden with raised beds because it is easy to do in the city. Secondly it is very easy to control and maintain. The reason why is because I can introduce any soil I want and keep it all very well regulated. In conclusion, to have the best outcome of putting all your gardening tips and tricks to practice try starting with raised beds. I highly recommend this book that is a great way to get amazing knowledge on everything raised bed.

Raised bed gardening tips & tricks

raised beds gardening tips and tricks


Once we have a basics of gardening under our belt and are ready to get started with our amazing summer vegetable/flower garden lets look at what types of compost and fertilizer to use.

In this paragraph, I will be discussing different fertilizers and the best places to get them. Firstly, I recommend a organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is not only much safer for the environment but moreover, is safer for you and your family. Secondly, synthetic fertilizers while effective can have a negative impact on the environment with the runoff and have very bad effects on your body when ingested. Thirdly, using organic fertilizers can produce way better tasting vegetables that you can harvest knowing they were grown the right way and with no chemicals. In conclusion, I would very highly recommend you to try organic fertilizers not only for the safety of your family but for the health of the environment.

The best way to find the best compost is usually a nursery or your local landscape company will also have great knowledge.

shovel in soil for putting all those gardening tips and tricks to use
Soil is key
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Lets discuss irrigation. If you are like a majority of the country you are looking for ways to save water and make life easier while also enjoying a great summer garden. Drip irrigation is the best and most hassle free way to garden. Moreover, it is easy to set up and also very easy to maintain and repair. When set up correctly drip irrigation is almost a no brainer and one of the best gardening tips and tricks. Gardening with less water is a great resource to have when starting your garden so please give it a read.

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Drip Irrigation for Perfect Garden

Like I mentioned before drip irrigation is the way to go when gardening especially in a raised bed. Firstly, it is very important for a long lasting garden and can take the time and worry out of making sure your garden is getting water. Secondly, it is way easier to maintain without worrying about wasting water. Thirdly, one of the greatest gardening tips and tricks I learned was to use drip irrigation with a timer which I will discuss later. In conclusion, when I decided to change over to drip irrigation with a timer I found that I can get my garden watered early in the morning like it should be while I was still asleep and never worry about my garden getting under watered or over watered every again.

To see how to set up and install your drip irrigation please give this book a read. I own this book and still find a lot of useful knowledge in it.

drip irrigation gardening tips and tricks

Complete set for drip irrigation

complete set of drip irrigation supplies for when your ready to use those gardening tips and tricks Man Crates - Awesome Gifts For Guys

Perfect DIY garden irrigation timer

Adding a timer to your irrigation is hands down the best thing you can do and one of thee best gardening tips and tricks. Not only can it save you time and your garden. Moreover, it can regulate exactly how much water your garden gets and exactly what time it gets watered taking out all the guess work. Below is one of the best irrigation timers I have come across and is very user friendly.

perfect DIY garden irrigation timer

Planting your garden tips & tricks

Now that we have our garden area ready for planting let’s go through some of the other gardening tips and tricks. Firstly, I suggest turning on the drip irrigation and let it run. The reason I do this is because it will tell me exactly where to plant my vegetables. This is much easier that trying to move the drip irrigation to where the vegetables are. Secondly, the drip emitters will leave a wet area to use as a guide on the best place to plant your garden have the best chance at survival. It is extremely important to have good water coverage for your plants so be mindful of this. Lastly, I like to make sure that I water a bit more until my plants are established so you might want to try watering twice a day morning and evening.

Below will be a few great reads on how to best plant that garden. Now the question is what to plant and also when to harvest all those lovely vegies you are about to grow.

Farmers Almanac

farmers almanac the best book for gardening tips and tricks

The First-Time Gardener

This is a great read for all first time gardeners out there. Also it contains great knowledge for even the most seasoned gardeners.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook

Another great resource on all things vegetable.

vegetable gardene's handbook for great gardening tips and tricks

Tools to put all those gardening tips & tricks to use.

great tools when your ready to put those gardening tips and tricks to use

Happy gardening and remember life’s good, make it great.

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