refrigerator repair

Some of the most expensive home repairs to have done are appliance repairs. With just a small amount of homework and basic troubleshooting you can repair most home appliance issues for just a fraction of the cost if you were to hire someone to do it for you. Also many of our home appliances have very few parts that will fail. For this next repair I will be discussing refrigerator cooling issues and specifically the refrigerator not cooling while the freezer has no issues. We have a GE refrigerator in our home where the lower part is a freezer and upper part is the fridge. The issue we had was the fridge would stay at around 60 degrees (not good for food storage) while the freezer was maintaining its 0 degrees which is where we had it set.

Towards the back of the fridge there is a blower panel where the cold air from the freezer is supposed to be blown to inside the fridge portion. We were not getting any air flow at all. Though a little research I was able to determine that there was a blower fan (kinda like a blower fan for a computer) that helps to push the air from the freezer into the fridge. Though my years of experience in troubleshooting large and expensive equipment in my day job I have learned to always check the simple and obvious things first because that is where the problem will lie 90% of the time. Most of the time when companies develop appliances and any thing else for that matter they know what parts are going to be the ones to fail most often. So more often than not these will be the parts that are easiest to access and troubleshoot by technicians that you might hire to repair your broken appliance. This repair was as simple as removing a few panels on the inside, unplugging the old fan and plugging a new one in. By far one of the easiest repairs I have done. Not only did I save a ton of money but i saved a bunch of food that ultimately would have went bad if I didn’t find the confidence to do the repair myself. My dream and goal with this blog is to have every dad out there become a repair dad, grow their skills and feel good about themselves. I will leave a few videos in the video section to help you with this repair and troubleshoot any other issues you might be facing with your fridge as well as parts links in the parts section. Remember life’s good make it great.